The Importance of A Variety of Dog Toys

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Let’s talk about dog toys. A dog can never have too many toys, can he? Offer him a juicy bone and a toy and yes, he will most likely go for the bone, because like us humans, they only think about their stomach. But there is so much more to dog toys than many owners understand. So, at Zuce Pets, we plan to enlighten you on dog toys. We think it will make you all the more wiser when making your next purchase!

Toys are a dog’s second best friend, after you of course. Think about the times when you can’t entertain them. A toy will happily substitute your place. Dog boredom is probably worse than child boredom, because a child usually makes themselves heard by wailing or talking. But with your pet dog, you really have to read into their thoughts. 

If a dog is deprived of toys, they will only start chewing on your household objects, with the added risk of ingesting them. 

Be Selective

Size is an important factor to consider when buying balls for your dog. Be extremely selective about ball sizes and make sure they are not so small that they present a choking hazard. 

One mistake we make is to buy lots of toys and throw them at our dog, all at once. That feeling of overwhelming could be compared to a child being given tonnes of candy all at once. We recommend to not give all the toys you purchase from us, all at once. Rotate them over different days to keep your dog stimulated and developing. Alternate different types of toys over different days too. Let’s look at the different types of toys, as variety is also key in dog development:

Chewing Toys

Chewing is an important activity for dogs because it’s like exercise for the jaws. Making their jaw muscles strong is important for any dog. Chewing the right type of toy can also help reduce the chances of gum disease and developing tooth problems later. 

If a toy starts to crack into pieces, discard it. You don’t want your dog consuming bits of toys in their diet. So examine the toys on a day to day basis. 

Activity Toys

Activity toys can help to maintain the fitness level of your dog. These toys offer strength to the muscles and bones of your dog. Give one toy to carry and one to roll. 

Our rubber encased tennis ball gives extra bounce to tennis balls as a chew toy or an activity toy.

Rolling and carrying may seem very basic skills, but in the early days, these are important skills for puppies.

Play hide and seek with some of your toys, as this is a favourite game for any dog. This type of game also increases your bond and interaction with your dog. 

Reward Toys

These are the toys you get out when your dog has been displaying some exceptionally good behaviour. Rewarding them, sends them the message that they have been good. It’s a dog psychological thing. 

So, get out toys that produce sounds and lights! These types of toys are very attractive to dogs. They love them.

The added benefit of stimulating toys also helps dogs stay alert at home, if you have to leave them alone during the day at any point. 

Soothing or Comfort Toys

It’s not always about one toy fits all. So different breeds of dogs need different types of toys. Think of it as finding a toy that fits your dog’s personality. You will be the best judge of that. Texture is a key factor for dogs to feel, so a furry plush duck may be just what they need!


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