Dog Accessories

Our accessories are of the highest quality and can be used on a day to day basis and for training your pup. We take away the stress of buying so you can concentrate on spending time with your furry friend.

When it comes to serving your dog's needs, there are multiple ways to achieve this. Our range of accessories include practical items such as dog collars which light up, so you can see your dog from a distance, and toys to keep them occupied. Then there are the small treat snacks you need to have on you at all times of the day to reward them such as our Green & Wild's dog chews. Yes, accessories are often the small things that we need to carry around in our outdoor apparel so we can take care of their every needs. Our pets are like a child to us and we'll do anything to ensure their needs are met.

The most important accessory has to be a place for them to rest and retreat to when they need the comfort of a bed. at Zuce Pets, we have a range of bed styles to suit every size of dog, including our elevated dog beds which are convenient to make sure they don't feel the cold floors.