Dog Toys

Toys are a great way to stimulate your pooch and not only can be used to release energy and bond with your pup, but also with obedience training. All of our products are of high quality and chosen with pups in mind.

A dog can never have too many toys! When you think how much stimulation a new puppy needs or even a developing dog, toys are what keeps them occupied. We're all aware of how many dog toys have been misplaced in the park, or snatched by other dogs, or even stuck between the back seat of the car. Then there's the toys which have been chewed and chewed until there's no life left in them. Gifting your pet with a box of new toys is probably the next best thing after their doggy chews. 

The most amazing thing about dog's toys is that they have been cleverly designed to aid dog training and obedience. Stimulating for all their senses, dog toys can be sensory objects that make squeaky noises and even aid with the soothing effect of teething.