Zuce Pets Deluxe Doggy Celebration Pack

Zuce Pets Deluxe Doggy Celebration Pack

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Do you like to spoil your furry friend as much as we do? These celebration packs are a perfect way celebrate your pup whether it be on their special day or just because we want to! Our packs are ideal for all ages and with both a range of toys and delicious treats, we know your pup will love them. All packs include : 

1 x Birthday Card (if you select Birthday option)
1 x Pack of Billy & Margot Treats
1 x Pack of Pet Munchies Salmon Bites
1 x 250ml Bottle of Pawsecco or Dog Beer (Snuffle Dog Beer or Bottom Sniffer Beer)
3 x Toys (Picked from a variety rope, squeaky and plush toys, may not be the same as in the pictures)
1 x The Barking Bakery Muffin (1 of 3 Varieties)
1 x Birthday Candle (if you select Birthday option)
1 x Bag of Billy & Margot Seaweed Doggy Popcorn
1 x Tub of Peamutt Butter
1 x Party Hat

Don't want this delivering just yet? Not a problem! Let us know the delivery date required and we will arrange to send by that date! We would suggest to allow 2-3 days in case of delays in shipping. Alternatively, register your dog today and we will contact you before their birthday :) 

Billy & Margot Seaweed Popcorn (20g)
Popcorn contains fibre and is 100% whole grain and gluten free.
* This is suitable for puppies over 14 weeks of age

Pet Munchies Salmon Bites (90g)
* Made from 100% Salmon

Peamutt Butter (340g)
* Peamutt Butter is a new Peanut Butter designed specifically for dogs.
* Natural Peanut butter with no added salt or sugar, great stuffed into dog toys as a treat or for making your own Peamutt Butter dog biscuits.
* Great source of heart healthy fats, protein, vitamin B, niacin and Vitamin E.
* Suitable for all dogs as a treat and part of a balanced diet

The Barking Bakery Muffin (120g)
* Contains Cereals, oils & fats, various sugars, milk and milk derivities, dried egg, derivative of vegetable origin, meat & animal derivatives, minerals and salt. Carob iced cake contains carob powder.
* Additives - Preservatives, colourants, antioxidants, flavourings
* Protein 10.7%, fat content 7.21%, crude fibres 1%, crude ash 3.2% 

Pawsecco (250ml) - Available in Rose or White
* Use over food
* Contains an infusion of Elderflower, Linden Blossom, Ginseng, Black Carrot, Water, Caramel (natural), Citric Acid Preservative, Potassium Sorbate
* Moisture 99.8%, Crude Oils & Fats < 0.1%, Crude Ash < 0.1%, Protein 0.1%, Crude Fibres 0.1%

Snuffle Dog Beer (250ml) - Chicken

* Use over food
* Contains Meat and Animal Derivatives (chicken) 1%, Vegetable Protein Extracts (malt extracts 0.5%)
* Crude Protein 0.8%, Crude Oils & Fats 0.18%, Crude Fibres 0.18%, Crude Ash 0.05%, Moisture 98.3%, Alcohol 0%