Special Dogcassions

We all love our furry friends and if you're like us, you'll love celebrating their special occasions too! These birthday packs are perfect for dogs of all age and size. Not a birthday? Your dog will love these items all year round!

Dogcassions are auspicious times in our pet's life. Happy memories for us to savour too. You don't have to be celebrating anything in particular even, because we know your dog will appreciate a bone cake any month of the year. 

Buying a dog birthday pack hamper for a friend's dog really does go a long way and comes highly appreciated. When you're stuck for what to buy a dog for their birthday or any time of the year, a hamper pack is always the safe answer. It comes packed with useful items that never go to waste, so it's money well spent on your behalf.

You're never faced with the dilemma of "what to buy?" again.