Meet The Team


Role : Head Toy Tester
Date of Birth : 05/05/2017
Age : 1
Star Sign : Taurus
Weight : 24.7 KG
Favourite Toy : Dental Chew Ball
Favourite Treat : G&W Bag Of Tiddlers
Favourite Human Treat : Cheese!
Favourite Hobby : Chasing balls and playing fetch with sticks

My name is Larry and I'm the Head Toy Tester for Zuce. The favourite part of my job is playing with fun toys all day making sure that all my doggy friends will enjoy them too. I love nothing more than seeing which toy is the most fun to play with. I love squeaky teddy's but I can play a little rough! It's really important that I stay fit, healthy and stimulated which is why I love our dental balls, you can add treats which I love getting out and it bounces so I can chase after it too! I know all of my doggy friends out there will love them too!


Role : Head Treat Tester
Date of Birth : 09/03/2016
Age : 2
Star Sign : Pisces
Weight : 32.5 KG
Favourite Toy : Interactive Treat Ball
Favourite Treat : A&M Cheeky Pork Krackle
Favourite Human Treat : Cheese!
Favourite Hobby : Relaxing in the sun and swimming!

My name is Bruce and I'm the Head Treat Tester for Zuce. I love my job as I get to try different treats to make sure they are perfect for all of my doggy friends! It's really important that I eat only healthy treats as you know what they say - a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! That's why I love our Alfie & Molly's and Green & Wild's ranges! There are so many different treats and they're all really tasty which makes it hard to pick my favourite! I'm willing to share my delicious treats so would love all of the doggy's out there to join our family so we can be friends for life!