Paisley Paws Dog LED Collar

  • £9.99
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Are you an early bird catching the worm and like to be up and out on walks before the sun rises? Or are you a night owl taking your pups out after the sun sets? Either way, letting your dog run free becomes challenging whilst dark outside. That's why we've introduced our new LED collars which allow you to keep an eye on your pup at all times. Each collar comes with a battery meaning you can start using straight away. The design of the collar also allows you to replace the battery when you need to. The strong material of the collar and the brightly lit LED lights make this a must buy item to be used all year round. Each collar has 3 light functions, strobe flashing, constant light and slow flashing. Also comes in 3 must have colours : Red (with red light), Blue (with blue light) and Black (with multi coloured light). Each of these come in Small, Medium or Large and will fit most breeds.

Sizes : S - 40 x 2.5cm, M - 50 x 2.5cm, L - 60 x 2.5cm.