Paisley Paws Mini Snuffle Mat

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Do you have a nervous puppy or dog? Do you find that your pup doesn't settle in new environments? Well then, these snuffle mats will change your life. They are designed using fleece fabric and have a rubber base to stop them from sliding whilst in use. Simply add treats into the mat and let you dog sniff and search for them. By giving your pup something else to focus on, it will distract them from being nervous about their environment. The more you use this, the more they will be able to associate this with positive experiences involving yummy treats! Give them a try and we know you won't be dissappointed! They also come in a handy size to allow you to take anywhere. What's more is that these are handmade in the UK!

Size : 14.5 x 14.5 cm

Recommended that this item is used under supervision.

Bruce's Review
This snuffle mat is pretty great! I love digging around for treats, especially when it's yummy ham! As soon as I start searching for treats, I don't even think about anything else that's around me! I'm older now and pretty laid back but for any of my nervous puppy or doggy friends out there, you should give this a try! Check out my video of me testing this super duper mat out!