Paisley Paws Poo Bag Dispenser With Poo Bags

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Tired of having a pocket full of poo bags? Maybe you've gone out for a night out, put your hand your pocket and realise you didn't empty it of poo bags? Well these dispensers are for you then! Made from durable plastic and made to last. Simply unscrew the end, insert your poo bags and pull through the centre. It's that easy! Also comes with a clip to attach to your person to keep safe on those long walks. Available in purple, red, blue and black. Plus, get 2 rolls of poo bags absolutely free!

Size : 9cm x 5cm

A handy tool to keep poo bags away from the elements, especially the wind and rain. This also makes a thoughtful gift for dog owners.

The poo bag dispenser helps you get a grip on opening the next poo bag to use it quickly before being on your way again. A useful item when you have an active and impatient dog. 

We know that dogs like to mark their territory and excretion is a way of marking a spot to dictate to their fellow dogs that it belongs to them. Be it outside someone's driveway or by a tree in the park. The dog dispenser is one way of showing how committed you are to cleaning up after your dog, before the neighbours catch you cleaning up outside their drive. 

Whether you choose to interpret the shape of this dispenser as being a dog's bone or a collar bow, either will be approved by us! Although we think it is definitely a dog's bone!