Paisley Paws Rope Frisbee Tug Toy

  • £2.99
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Does your pup love playing frisbee? Do they love rope toys?

Well with this toy, they get the best of both worlds! The tough rope ring makes it ideal for those dogs who enjoy playing tug and with the frisbee-style shape, it's also ideal for those dogs who love leaping through the air! With a radius of 18cm, this is perfect for all dogs. 

It's a fun way to help your dog get the daily exercise they need. Many dogs love the texture of rope with its twisted shape and being able to hold it in their mouth. The bright colour also adds to the vibrant fun. 

Our rope frisbee has been extremely popular with active, energetic dogs that love watching it soar in the air before catching it. Addictive whilst rewarding for you, guaranteeing hours of fun. It will surely become of their favourite toys, developing their agility and making them into the dexterous dog that you can be proud of. 

Brilliant for the park, beach and even your back garden. Keep it by your front door or in your car to ensure you never forget it at home. You don't want to end up with a disappointed dog! Extremely good value for money, you may want to keep one for backup just in case. 

It also makes a brilliant present for someone you know who has a dog or who has just bought a dog that you are going to visit for the first time.