Paisley Paws Handmade Rope Tug Toy

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We know that our pups love to tug and play with you and it's a great way to help you bond with your furry friends, especially when they're young puppies. That's why we have introduced these rope toys. They are each made from fleece fabric so soft yet durable for those puppy mouths. These are ideal to use whilst training your pup in those crucial first months as well.

By teaching your pup to play and also to loose the toy on command, you can ensure you have safe yet fun interactions from an early age. We know your furry friend will love playing tug with these colourful toys!

Comes in 2 colours, blue and pink and what's more, these are handmade in the UK and not imported from abroad, which means a great price for you! 

The twisted fleece rope with alternating shades, is an extremely simple and effective concept with its long sausage shape that can be used in many different types of games. Often the most simple of toys make the most stimulating for puppies and this strong fleece fabric is durable enough to last, even after all those endless tugs and pulls.