Paisley Paws Silicone Frisbee

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With the warmer weather on the way, you'll likely be thinking about what toys you can take outdoors with your pooches. Our new silicone frisbee toys are perfect for puppies and adult dogs, big or small. These frisbee's are perfect to help tire those dogs out on the beach or in your local park. Not only are they ideal for play time but you can also use as part of a training technique as well. Made from silicone which is soft on their mouths so even better when they're catching mid air! Comes in 3 colours, red, pink and blue.

Size : 18cm diameter.

Larry's Review
This is one of my favourite toys as I get to jump and catch it in my mouth! I love the soft feel on my mouth but most of all, it's the perfect size for me! I can get a little excited so it's probably best for my smaller or softer mouthed doggy friends out there! Check out my video where I'm trying this product out :)