Zuce Pets The Platinum All Inclusive Pack - Small (Brown Bed)

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Are you getting a new puppy? 

This can be an exciting yet scary time for you and your family. Getting a puppy is a huge responsibility and the first few weeks can be difficult. Here at Zuce, we know how important it is to make sure your puppy gets off to the right paw, which is why we have created these puppy starter packs. Each pack includes the essentials that you will need in those crucial first weeks and with this premium pack, you also get the first items to begin your training with your pup. 

In The Small Platinum All Inclusive Starter Pack, you will get : 

* 1 x 30 inch Metal Crate
* 1 x Plush 26 inch Indoor Bed
* 2 x Stainless Steel Bowls (18cm diameter)
* 1 x Nylon Leash & Collar Set (Blue or Pink)
* 1 x Poo Bag Dispenser (1 of 4 Colours)
* 1 x Dental Chew Toy (1 of 4 Colours)
* 1 x Dental Chew Ring
* 1 x Rope Tug Toy
* 1 x Blanket (Blue or Pink) 
* 1 x Grooming Glove
* 1 x Training Whistle With Lanyard
* 1 x Training Treat Bag
* 2 x Bags of Natural Treats (Supplied by Arton & Co and Green & Wild's)
* 1 x Toothbrush and Fingerbrush Set
* 1 x Door Bell Toilet Training 
* 5 x Puppy Training Pads
* 1 x Roll of Poo Bags

We also offer The Gold Mega Pack, The Silver Play Pack and The Bronze Basics Starter Pack. See in store for more information on these. Alternatively, if you would like a bespoke quote, please contact us and we will be happy to help.