Paisley Paws Tug Rope Toy

  • £3.99
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We know that our pups love to play tug, they can often play this game all day! Play, especially tug, is a great way to bond with your furry friend and this will last from puppy through to adulthood. What better way to keep the fun going than with our new rope tug toys. Not only are these strong and durable toys perfect for play time, but great to use in social settings with other dogs and also training classes. Teaching your pup to play well is a crucial skill and we know this rope toy will help you do that.

No puppy's toy box is complete without at least one rope tug toy. This one is fab because it has bright stripes and has a cleverly designed ball at the end. Intertwined to give a clever all in one design with a neat handle at the end. Whoever invented this, really knew about a gap in the market and managed to solve it using a long piece of rope. If we were given a rope, we're not sure if we could produce a nearly as good result, but we're very proud to stock them. You can't go wrong with the price either. We're sure your dog will agree too. I love seeing our dogs faces when we get this one out!

36cm in length.